Thursday, April 16, 2009

Things You Never noticed Before

A hard fact of life. Aging. If there's anyone out there That says it doesn’t bother them they’re lying. It’s a hard fact. When you’re young you take everything for granted. You just think nothing matters and you have all the time in the world but you don’t. I hate it. You start to see the softness of your skin disappear. Your hair isn’t as full and shiny. Your metabolism slows down and you can’t eat whatever you want anymore. You start to notice lines in your skin and you’re cheeks don’t have that childlike roundness. Yeah I know, I know, it’s totally depressing… I’m just all sorts of Debbie Downer right now Wah Wah Wahhhh

But seriously I hate it. I mean everything inside me screams Why? Why me? Sadly the sands of time stop for no one. The reason for this is Your mind gets stronger. And Hopefully as your outside package starts to deteriorate you inside … Your soul… Your spirit grows stronger. These are the first steps up to God.

And it’s hard parting with the flesh. But you don’t take the flesh with you when you go. And God’s preparing your soul for the journey. That’s why they say grandparents are wise. Cause Older people are closer to God. Or should be…

That’s why that saying “You can’t go home” rings so true. You can’t look back. Nothing stays the same and you can’t change that. You keep moving ahead ...forward and growing. Scary as this might sound... you're dying. Daily. Your body is dying. Sadly as with anything new it becomes used and falls apart. There are certain rules in life and age is one of them. You will grow old and you will die. Prepare yourself accept it gracefully. I can’t lie. I still hate it. I want to stay just as beautiful as I am right now always. But I already see the changes. Roses don’t stay red and lovely forever… I hate that and although I realize it for what it is, I still hate it.

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