Saturday, April 11, 2009

My First Post

I suppose everyone from my other blog will read this and I'm a little frightened I suppose. Kind of in the same way I'm frightened to put my art out there. Cause it's really standing in the street naked isn't it? But I suppose if you have to do it put your balls out there. Fonzie Sox is my regular blog but what most people don't really know and what a few people do not care to believe is I'm really spiritual. Like super spiritual. That being said...

I DO NOT want to be associated with bible thumpers and crazies.... I say if you're passionate about it great. But Please do not put me in a religion ... Although I do 100% believe in Jesus Christ.....I do not want to be singled out... I want no stereotype... All I hope is that people I encounter can take a even a crumb from what I give and use it to be good to others.

Life is such a struggle for me. And this year I decided I was not going to let bad element in anymore. I've found my zen for the rest of my life this year. 2008 was my rock bottom. This year is going to only be happiness and spreading happiness.

And I'm fully aware there are people reading this as with my other blog that hate me. I wish you find your peace too. I hope reading this helps you.

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